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Buy White Fire OG Online



Buy White Fire OG Online

The White Fire OG is a hybrid combining the earthiness and the diesel aroma of the Fire OG with the resin richness of The White strain. Nicknamed the WiFi, this strain brings together a rich and colourful look – the glaring snowfall dotting the leaves will leave you mouthwatering in seconds!White Fire OG for sale Online Buy White Fire OG strain Buy Cannabis In Europe Buy White Fire OG in Europe

Many of our clients have praised the uplifting and ethereal emotional states that they went through. However, this isn’t simply a sativa-dominant strain. The remaining 40% of indica delivers a soothing feeling of relaxation and plentiful appeasing energy roiling through your body after consumption. You will feel at ease and fuming with dynamism simultaneously – which is one of White Fire OG’s mysteries you’ll have to uncover for yourself.


Gazing at this THC-dominated genetic marvel’s looks, you’d expect the WiFi to deliver a supreme taste. Fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint – the Fire OG strain in its composition is widely known for having an expansive and diesel-oriented taste. At the same time, the White strain brings to the table the intensity and potency to complement the godlike taste.

Therefore, with regards to its taste, the White Fire OG packs a serious punch, combining earthy, sweet and woody aromas with the pungency of the lemon and the pine after-tastes. Especially when you consume it for the first time, the WiFi will electrify your nostrils and taste buds with an earthy-diesel experience. It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before!Buy White Fire OG Online Europe Buy White Fire OG in Europe

Sativa vs indica

The White Fire OG hybrid strain has 60% sativa and 40% indica, which means the plant will have sativa-oriented characteristics. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors since the hybridization largely increases its adaptation to both environments. The height of the plant is medium-sized, while the leaves are not too narrow but not too broad either. It’s a good mix between sativa and indica.

However, the plant generally prefers warmer, indoor environments to achieve the best growing conditions.


The White Fire OG definitely sways more toward THC production as a result of the White strain’s influence. Depending on the growing condition, the WiFi can have between 24-28% THC. Therefore, this particular strain isn’t recommended for total beginners that haven’t consumed marijuana before.

The high THC levels bring about exhilaration, euphoria, and an energetic rush into a consumer. It’s definitely not an experience for the faint of heart because of the potency associated with THC-driven strains. It will affect your mood, perception, the state of your consciousness, and even your behaviour. If you aren’t ready to kick up an internal storm, you’d best avoid the WiFi during your marijuana novitiate experiences. Buy Cannabis In Europe White Fire OG for sale Online

However, for marijuana veterans, the White Fire OG materializes as a type of Holy Grail in terms of its uplifting effects. It will largely increase your creative insights as well as make you feel more jovial, happy, and energized. Still, the plant also exhibits CBD-based characteristics thanks to the 0.3-0.6% CBD contents. It is, after all, a hybrid that builds a bridge between the THC-dominated White strain, and the divine aroma and flavour of the Fire OG strain.

What are the therapeutic effects of Buy white fire OG strain?

The WiFi hybrid strain has brought many therapeutic benefits to people suffering of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and pain. You will notice that your whole body releases all the accumulated tension almost immediately.

Moreover, the White strain of the hybrid brings forth glaring feelings of happiness, and an over-encompassing state of euphoria. The effects are direct, powerful, and immediate. Perhaps the biggest influence it has revolves around the instant deconstruction of depression, sadness, and mental fatigue.


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