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Getting medical cannabis in Europe is too complicated

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The event, which took place at the University of Sydney on Monday, brought together government representatives, academics, and patient advocates.

John Skerritt, deputy secretary for health products regulation at Australia’s Department of Health, cited “the 48-hour turnaround online portals” as evidence of a streamlined application process. Lucy Haslam, a former nurse and patient advocate, said that her phone “would not stop ringing” with calls from people who experienced technical difficulties with the government’s system, reports BuzzFeed News. Some audience members shared their stories of resorting to buying cannabis from the black market, though one person in attendance “insisted that their road to legal access via the pathway had been easy.”

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In July, one man avoided jail time for juicing cannabis to treat his daughters, both of whom suffer from Crohn’s disease. He told Australia’s ABC News that he turned to growing and juicing his own cannabis “after struggling to find a doctor” who would help him legally access medical cannabis. Stephen Taylor said that his family has considered going to the United States in search of an easier-to-navigate application process.

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